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Water & Sewer


This section is to inform you about the City's Water Department and our Sewer Department.

The Water and Sewer Department is dedicated to providing quality, reliable, customer-convenient water and sewer service that represents extraordinary value. The Water and Sewer Department distributes high quality water, and collects wastewater for the City of Covington. Services provided include maintaining the water distribution and wastewater collection systems, maintaining facilities and planning for future needs, all with the most responsible use of financial resources.

Covington Water and Sewer Department employees working at a waste water treatment facility Covington Water and Sewer Department employees working on a water main

Water Distribution

The City of Covington's water department is responsible for installing and repairing the water facilities within the City's water distribution system. The City owns and maintains approximately 126 miles of distribution main ranging from four to sixteen inch lines that serves approximately 4,006 customers. Located throughout the City are 550 fire hydrants and 900 valves that improve the quality of service provided to the customers of Covington.

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Sewer Collection

The sewer department is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the City of Covington's sanitary collection system. The City's sanitary collection system consists of approximately 76 miles of collection main ranging from four to thirty-inch lines and 24 lift stations located throughout the city that serves approximately 2,952 customers. There are currently 20 low-pressure pump systems within the city's sewer collection system. The sewer department has a program of routine cleaning of sewer mains, as well as a Grease Program, and an I and I Program to ensure the success of the City's sanitary collection system.

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