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Elected Officials

Elected Officials.jpg

Below you will find the names, contact information and photos for the elected officials of the City of Covington

.Mayor Justin Hanson

Mayor Justin Hanson
(901) 476-9613
Email Mayor Hanson

Vice Mayor of Covington
Vice Mayor Johnetta L. Yarbrough
Alderwoman District 1
(901) 605-9145
Email Vice Mayor Yarbrough
John Edwards, Alderman
John Edwards
Alderman District 1
(901) 504-6497
Email Alderman Edwards

Jeff Morris, Alderman
Jeff Morris
Alderman District 2
(901) 626-4979
Email Alderman Morris

Chris Richardson
Chris Richardson
Alderman District 2
(731) 225-2254
Email Alderman Richardson
CH Sullivan IV
C.H. Sullivan IV
Alderman District 3
(901) 674-3280
Email Alderman Sullivan
Danny Wallace
Danny Wallace
Alderman District 3
(901) 237-3607
Email Alderman Wallace