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Water Quality Division

picture of court square and water tower in Covington, TN

Our mission is "to provide water and wastewater services that, within regulatory guidelines, meet or exceed our customers' needs and expectations for safety, quality and quantity; to provide these services at a competitive price and in a fair and equitable and environmentally responsible manner, and to provide opportunities for personal and professional development for employees at all levels of the department."

​Calvin Johnson - Utilities Manager
Phone: 901-475-4965
Fax: 901-475-6184

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Water Treatment Facility

  The Water Treatment Facility, located at 300 S. College, operates under the authority of the Tennessee Division of Water Supply and the standards they have established. The facility is responsible for supplying safe drinking water for the residential, commercial and industrial community of Covington and surrounding area. Covington's Water Facility was named the 2002 Outstanding Water Treatment Plant for Tennessee by the Tennessee Water and Wastewater Association.

Wastewater Treatment Facility

the Covington wastewater plant The Wastewater Treatment Facility, located in the Rialto Industrial Park, operates under the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit # TN0020982 issued by the State of Tennessee. The Covington Wastewater Treatment Facility is authorized to discharge treated municipal/sanitary wastewater to the Hatchie River in accordance with effluent limitations, monitoring requirements and other conditions set forth in the above mentioned NPDES permit.


Calvin Johnson - Utilities Manager
Office: 901-475-4965; Fax: 901-475-6184

James Mason - Chief Wastewater Operator
Office: 901-476-8273; Fax: 901-476-0048

Joe Bloechl - Water Treatment Operator
Office: 901-475-4965; Fax: 901-475-6184