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Animal Control

Animal Control vehicle Covington Animal Control Division is located on the second floor of Covington City Hall.  They only handle animals within the City Limits of Covington.  Please call, stop by or email with your questions or concerns about what the regulations are for animals.

Phone: 901-476-7191 Ext. 1036
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
After Hours Emergency Phone: 901-476-7163

Animals with & without Identification Tags

logo for Covington animal rescue effort
  • Animals wearing identification tags picked up are generally reunited with their owners within the day.  Knowing this, we cannot overemphasize the importance of collars with identification tags and micro chipping.
  • Pets without identification are usually taken to the Covington Animal Pound where they stay for 3 days for an owner to claim them. After that point, if deemed adoptable, they will be put up for adoption through CARE - Covington Animal Rescue Effort. To report a lost or found animal please call (901) 476-7191 Ext. 1036 Monday through Friday 8:00am until 4:30pm.

Dog Bites

  • According to state law ALL dog bites must be investigated.  All animals that have bitten, regardless of rabies vaccination, must be quarantined for ten days at the Covington Pound or a veterinary clinic.


  • The Street Department will remove dead animals on city property/streets only.  If the dead animal is on private property, it should be placed in a garbage bag and taken to the curb. Call 901-476-7191, ext. 1036 to report.  They are only picked up during regular business hours, which are Monday through Friday 8:00am until 4:00pm.


Animals picked up by Covington Animal Control are subject to currently adopted pick up and boarding fees payable to the Covington Animal Control Division located inside Covington City Hall on the second floor.

Dogs Being Noisy

  • Barking dogs may be reported to Covington Animal Control during regular business hours or after hours and weekends to the Covington Police Dispatch at 901-475-4300.

Surrender Animals

  • You may surrender your animal by taking them to the Tipton County Animal Control located at 8279 Highway 51 S, Brighton, TN.  The telephone number there is 901-837-5919.  Tipton County Animal Control does NOT pick up surrendered animals.

Rabies Vaccination and Registration

Registration Vaccine
  • Current rabies vaccination by a licensed veterinarian
  • Registration in Tipton County is the law.  

Dogs Running Loose

  • There is a leash law in the city limits of Covington. All dogs MUST be kept on a leash unless in a fenced in backyard.