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Cobb-Parr Memorial Park

cobb parr park signage

Local sports leagues, and park user groups assist the city in providing organized recreation opportunities for the citizens of Covington and Tipton County. The park is used for many special community events including the Tipton County Bar-B-Q Festival held each year.

The history of the park is one of community involvement and dedication of local citizens striving to increase recreation opportunities. In 1954, the Covington Jaycees purchased farm land from J. J. Whitley to develop a community park. Jaycee members, under the leadership of Jerol Hopkins, Petie Watkins and Charlie Moss, started clearing efforts and a picnic area was completed. Cobb-Parr Memorial Park was named for Chalmers Parr and Harris Cobb, two Jaycees members dedicated to their community. Over 50 years have passed and the development in Cobb-Parr Memorial Park continues.

Pavilion Rental Fees
$50.00 for 4 hours or less
$70.00 for more than 4 hours

cobb parr park playground equipment cobb parr park playground equipment a walking trail at cobb parr park
a walking trail at cobb parr park a walking trail at cobb parr park signage that says local parks and recreation fund