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Online bill payment is now available through Covington's website. Just click the Online Bill Pay button and follow the instructions.


Refuse and Trash Disposal Changes

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The Covington Mayor and Board have approved Ordinance 1676 to amend the Covington Municipal Code, relative to refuse and trash disposal. Listed below are important changes to Curbside Trash Pickup.
Click Here to view Ordinance 1676 in full.

Construction Waste: Any garbage or trash from new construction, repair, remodeling or demolition on private property will no longer be picked up by the City of Covington. Property owners must remove the trash themselves, or call City Hall for a trash train which incurs and additional fee.

Bulky Items: Items like furniture, mattresses and appliances (stoves, refrigerators, washer/dryers, water tanks, or similarly sized items) will be removed for the current adopted fee, however, the property owner must give prior notice to City Hall before putting these items on the curbside - items should be placed curbside no more than twenty-four(24) hours prior to arranged pick up.
Change of Occupancy: property placed on the curb after an eviction will be picked up within 36 hours of notice to the City by the property owner. Property owners will be invoiced the current adopted fee for such service.

Yard Waste: Branches should be cut to a length of 5ft. or shorter, and should be no more than 12 inches in diameter. Larger branches must be removed by the property owner.
Grass clippings, hedge cuttings and leaves must be placed in plastic bags prior to putting on curbside. However, leaves raked into piles or rows between October 15 and February 1 will be removed by the vacuum trucks. Property owners should place their yard waste away from obstacles (mailboxes, light poles, water meters, fences, etc.) and should avoid placing them under low hanging branches.
Property owners should not place any yard waste in drainage ditches, in the street, on the sidewalks, on cul-de-sac islands or on vacant lots
Clubs, civil groups, or other interested parties planning a clean-up day should contact the Director of Public Works at City Hall for assistance in debris removal.

Any questions about these or other changes to the ordinance should be directed to David Gray, City of Covington Public Works Director at (901) 476-9613, ext. 127.

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Garbage Collection and Curbside Trash Pickup Schedules and Maps
Garbage collection and curbside trash pickup schedules and maps are now available in the Utility Billing Division page. Click Here to jump to Utility Billing Division. If you have further questions please contact our Streets and Sanitations Department at (901) 476-9613 ext. 109.

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Workforce Training Resource Guide
A resource guide is now available that has information on workforce training programs available for adults in Tipton County. ​Click Here to view the full document.



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City of Covington Newsletter

We are happy to introduce the addition of the Covington Newsletter to our website. You can also access the Covington Newsletter from our Home Page under Quick Links. Please visit us each week for the latest issue.

Click Here to view the Covington Newsletter page.



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Drug Free Tipton Launches tip411 Alert System

Drug Free Tipton has launched the tip411 alert system, a new interactive way to keep the community connected and informed through email, text message, and online public safety alerts. Tip411 also allows the public to report crimes and other suspicious activities directly to law enforcement agencies by sending anonymous text messages from their cell phone or via a FREE smartphone app. Click Here to visit the tip411 Site.

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​The Adopt-A-Park Program is a collaborative effort between Covington residents and city government to improve and maintain our parks. Neighbors and community groups volunteer their time to improve their chosen park. Adopters can work on a variety of projects including planting and maintaining flower beds; maintaining the trails and paths; painting and caring for park structures; cleaning up litter; planting, mulching, and watering trees; and generally making sure the park is in order. You will work with the Adopt-A-Park Coordinator to create a plan customized for you and your park. We provide moral support, technical expertise, and coordination with City of Covington services; we can also provide publicity, planting materials, and tools. Click here to visit the Adopt-A-Park page.

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Covington Municipal Code
Title 17 - Refuse and Trash Disposal
17-110. Removal of cuttings, leaves, etc.


(1) Tree stumps, trunks, limbs and roots resulting from normal maintenance and care of occupied residential property shall be removed by the city provided the following conditions are met: Each piece shall be placed on the corner of the resident's property nearest the curbside but not on any sidewalk or on curbside.

(2) Tree stumps, trunks, limbs, and roots resulting from cleaning of new ground from construction of residential or commercial structures shall be removed by and at the expense of the contractor, developer, or owner, to an area designated by the director of public works. It shall be unlawful to place and leave on any sidewalk or curbside any such material.

(3) Tree stumps, trunks, limbs and roots resulting from cleaning of by an independent contractor shall be removed by and at the expense of the contractor or owner to an area designated by the director of public works. It shall be unlawful to place or leave on any sidewalk or curbside any such material.

(4) Leaves that are raked into piles and windrows at the curbside shall be removed by the city between October 15th and February 1st. Prior to and after these dates, leaves will be removed by the city only if placed at the curbside in plastic bags or containers.

(5) Grass clippings and small hedge cuttings will be removed by the city only if placed at the curbside in plastic bags or containers.

(6) It shall be unlawful for any person to litter, place, throw, track, or allow to fall on any street, alley, or sidewalk any refuse, glass, tacks, mud, or other objects or materials which are unsightly or which obstruct or tend to limit or interfere with the use of such public ways and places for their intended purposes.

(7) It shall be unlawful for any person to permit or cause the obstruction of any drainage ditch in any public right-of-way.
(Ord. #1610-2, Nov. 2010)

public notice iconCurb Side Trash Collection
Beginning September 9, 2015, The City of Covington will no longer provide free curbside trash collection for Industrial and Commercial Customers. The City will pick up curbside trash for these customers for a fee, based upon quantity. For information regarding pricing, please contact Lisa Wilson at 901-476-9531 ext. 118. Curbside pickup for residential customers will continue to be picked up at the rate currently included in your monthly bill.